Retro Snuffle Cube

Color - Multi

Introducing the Retro Snuffle Cube, a challenging and rewarding puzzle toy designed to engage your pup’s senses. This cube is suitable for breeds of all sizes, making it a great accessory for training, relaxation, or playtime.

Tap Into Your Pup's Natural Instinct

Dogs have an intense sense of smell that allows them to activate the foraging and smelling centers of their brains. This natural ability to seek food using their noses can be a great way to stimulate your pup, while also relieving stress. Our Retro Snuffle Cube is a perfect tool to encourage your dog's natural motivation, engagement, and entertainment, even if they have limited mobility!

It's easy to use the Retro Snuffle Cube. First, put some of your dog's favorite treats or food between the different fleece openings. Then, sit back and watch as your furry friend uses their incredible sense of smell to find the treats. To make things more interesting, you can adjust the number of treats in the cube and create a new challenge every time your dog plays with it!

Promotes Healthy, Safe Eating

If your furry friend tends to eat their food too quickly, it can be dangerous for them as it may lead to choking, vomiting, and even stomach bloat. To avoid these risks, you may want to try feeding them with a snuffle toy. Our snuffle cube is an excellent choice for promoting slower and more mindful eating habits in dogs. You can hide treats or kibble inside the cube, which will require your dog to use their senses of smell and taste to locate and access the food. This way, they will be encouraged to eat more slowly, reducing the risk of any health issues.

Safe Materials & Machine Washable

Ensuring the safety of our pets is always a top priority. That's why this toy contains eco-friendly materials that are safe for our furry friends. Non-toxic, durable, and odorless material makes it perfect for long-lasting playtime fun. When playtime is over, simply toss it in the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning! Plus, you can add even more mental stimulation to your pup's daily routine with our enrichment options!

Bear's Note: This snuffle cube is not a chew toy. Please use under supervision and remove from dogs after use to prevent cloth indigestion. 


✔️ Encourages Natural Foraging

✔️ Releases Energy & Relieves Stress

✔️ Motivates Mealtimes

✔️ Promotes Healthier Digestion

✔️ Mental & Physical Exercise Supplement

Details & Care

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash on gentle cycle


  • Polar Fleece Fabric

Size & Dimensions:

  • Small: 6" x 6"
  • Large: 8" x 8"
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