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Our Story

Our family-run company is based in Minnesota. With two young children and a Dobie/Shepherd puppy, we wanted our dog's gear to be built to withstand the elements of any adventure, from daily walks in the suburbs to late-night soccer games and vacations in Northern Minnesota. That's why we founded Bear & Me Outdoors, to offer gear that is highly adaptable and can endure hard daily wear and tear.

At Bear & Me Outdoors, we take pride in providing high-quality dog gear essentials that are durable and perfect for any adventure. All of our products are tested first-hand to validate their versatility and reliability as well as ensure they cater to both outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers.

Inspired by our MN roots & suburban living, we prioritize versatility and durability to promote a quality-focused lifestyle.

Our Team

Bear & Me Outdoors was inspired by our beloved Bear, a Shepherd/Rottie mix who brought immense love, light, and adventure into our lives. We treasure every moment spent with him, whether it was family walks, trail-blazing at the cabin, or early morning kayaking.

We firmly believe that dogs are integral members of our families and deserve the same level of love and companionship that they give us. Our goal is to help people build a stronger bond with their furry friends through dependable products that make life easier for both pups and their owners.

Test-a-Bonie-ials :)

This is my third collar. Everything is great!! I recommend it.

Cody Pagac

Great quality as far as I can see. Pretty, soft, and grippyā€”highly recommend!

Constance Osinski

Great product and fast shipping.

Kelly Senger

Very good quality, I was impressed! It's like rubber but thick, it looks very tough, it's perfect for my dog too! I really recommend it, I'd buy more colors again.

Lauren Trantow

Behind the Brand

We're continually working toward providing the best products and guidance so you and your pup can enjoy a care-free life.